CloverEats: Chela’s in Ann Arbor



I first head about Chela’s Restaurant and Taqueria in this article about the Top Five Menus to try during Restaurant Week.  However, when I went during the most recent Restaurant Week, I was informed that they weren’t participating this year; we ended up going to Seva that evening because Fred loved their mole enchiladas so much.  More recently, they were picked as the second best tacos in all of Michigan, so I had to visit again, this time to actually eat some tacos. (more…)

CloverEats: Real Seafood Company in Ann Arbor


Continuing on our recent spree of Mainstreet Ventures restaurants, we headed to Real Seafood Company, mostly due to Fred’s newly found desire to follow the Mediterranean diet and eat lots of fish. I love restaurants that open out into the sidewalk, but unfortunately, it was too hot to sit anywhere but deep inside the air conditioning.


CloverEats: Jazzy Veggie in Ann Arbor

Chickpea-carrot patty, corn salsa, guacamole, lettuce, red pepper aioli

Chickpea-carrot patty, corn salsa, guacamole, lettuce, red pepper aioli

Ann Arbor surely has a good handful of vegan/vegetarian restaurants.  I hear that back in the day, it was difficult for those with dietary restrictions to find restaurants that catered to them, but it seems like now every restaurant offers at least a few options.  After dining out with friends with specific diets, however, I realized there’s still a much more limited range of dishes, especially foods that aren’t traditionally veggie-friendly, so it’s nice that we have restaurants like Jazzy Veggie around!

CloverEats: eat in Ann Arbor

We took a journey down Packard to visit “eat.”  I was extremely happy with the how the light just lit up these plants, making the center glass crisp, but fanning out with a lovely bokeh of leaves in the background.  I really love my 50mm f/2.5 macro lens, but it’s after shots like this that I really consider saving up for a f/1.2, so that the background can be even more creamy and smooth.  It’s funny how the vocabulary of food and photography sometimes overlaps.


CloverEats: a healthy brunch at Juicy Kitchen


I’m always on the lookout for the best brunch spot. While downtown Ann Arbor has a vast array of great, indulgent options, I sometimes find myself too sleepy to deal with the headache of finding parking, and dislike the too-full feeling that occurs after a mimosa and heavily-syruped french toast. I found Juicy Kitchen on Yelp, and it sounded like the perfect brunch restaurant! (more…)

Special Guest Feature! JennyNoms: Metzger’s German Restaurant


A foodie friend, and an amazing artist, Jenny is one of my favorite people to grab dinner with.  She’s super energetic and always open to try something new – we went to the Blank Slate Creamery opening together just a few weeks ago!  Jenny’s artistry really shines through in everything she does, so please enjoy her lovely review below!

With all of the modern eateries opening in the Ann Arbor recently, it’s great to discover some oldies but goodies that have the hungry returning time after time. When Clover invited me to tag along with her and Fred to Metzger’s German Restaurant, a family-run business that has been around for 80 years, I was excited to try out some of that hearty German faire I’ve always heard about.

Metzger-1 (more…)

FredEats: Elevation Burger in Ann Arbor


I heard about Elevation Burger from a Youtube video ad – it marks the first time I ever knowingly based my purchasing decisions off a 30 seconds video. However, the food looked great, it was close to home, and it operated upon wholesome principles. Yelp reviews were generally positive, and I saw the owner took the time to reply to many reviews; it was clear he aimed to serve customers as best he could. Thus prompted our journey to down Washtenaw Ave in search of a better burger.



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