CloverEats: NeoPapalis in Ann Arbor


NeoPapalis has great reviews on Yelp, a 4.5, and so I was really excited to try them out.  While I love the design and concept of customizable pizzas, I was terribly disappointed in the Chicken BBQ on a Bianca base (Herb-Butter base, Asiago and Mozzarella Cheese, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Honey) that we got.  It was really tasteless, barely having any barbecue flavor to it.  Although the ingredients seemed fresh, the whole pizza was just really bland.


CloverEats: aromatic pulled pork at Frita Batidos


I did a quick Snapshot post on Frita Batidos back when I first came to Ann Arbor, but despite frequenting it quite often throughout the years I’ve lived here, I somehow never dedicated a full photo shoot to it.  Feeling like this was much overdue, Kevin and I stopped by for a delicious lunch featuring their summer special, an aromatic pulled pork with tropical cole slaw and chili mayo.   (more…)

Ann Arbor Restaurant Week: Vellum


The last time we went to Vellum was back around when it first opened.  I remember being impressed with how knowledgeable and articulate our waiter was, but not so much with the food.  I thought it’d be worth trying them again during Restaurant Week. (more…)

CloverEats: Pho House in Ypsi

IMG_4232-12When we first visited Pho House, right after it opened, its sign still read “Fat Philly”.  Since then, they’ve gotten an actual sign, but the rest of the building still could do with some remodeling.


CloverTravels: Athens to Santorini


I was going through some old photos and noticed I never posted these from a trip I took to Greece a few years ago.  Truth be told, there’s not a lot of food because I was more interested in the cats and dogs and ancient structures everywhere!  I hope you still enjoy these photos! (more…)

CloverEats: Zingerman’s Roadhouse in Ann Arbor


Out on the west side, Zingerman’s Roadhouse is hard to miss.  There’s a big, silver drive-through/walk-up trailer out in the front.  Of course, it has all the zany illustrations that are characteristic to Zingerman’s franchise.  I liked how the ground outside the restaurant was covered in oyster shells!   (more…)

Grand opening! Blank Slate Creamery in Ann Arbor


Jenny and I woke up early this bright Sunday morning to get in line for the grand opening of Blank Slate Creamery!  It’s at Liberty and First, just a block away from Mark’s Carts.  There’s a small parking lot on site, but we parked at a lot a little bit away and walked over.  We got there at 11, and there was already a long line, which only grew longer as the official opening time of 11:30 drew nearer.  The first 300 people received freezer-safe cups with the store’s logo, which you can use to get extra ice cream!

BlankSlateCreamery-2 BlankSlateCreamery-3 BlankSlateCreamery-4



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