CloverEats: Wisma in Lake Bluff

Wisma-8It was a cold, foggy day when I found Wisma on Yelp.  It has an astounding 4.5 stars, and was pretty close, so we decided to check it out.  Besides one employee, the market was empty.  The employee was very nice and helpful, explaining that we would choose from among their daily pre-made meals and then microwave them ourselves.  It’s an interesting concept.  However, it’s rather awkward to microwave the food oneself, without any specific microwaving instructions, or knowing the microwave’s particulars.

Wisma-4 (more…)

CloverSnacks: Cafe Ollie in Ypsi




Cafe Ollie was another stop we made while in Depot Town, Ypsilanti.  From the moment I walked in, I loved the feel of the shop.  A generous use of beautiful wood panels made it feel almost like a cabin, with just enough exposed brick and paint to give it a cool coffeehouse vibe. (more…)

CloverEats: Wagamama in Boston

I stopped by the Wagamama in the Prudential Center while I was in Boston. I really liked the wide open atmosphere of the restaurant. I came in the middle of the afternoon, and was able to get seated and served almost immediately.  The name means ‘mischievous child’ and is really fun to say.  There are only a couple locations in the US, but they have quite a few more internationally.

CloverEats: Umi Sushi in Ann Arbor


Umi Sushi is on Plymouth, below an apartment complex that also has a gym and a Sweetwaters. I’ve always found it interesting how similar sushi restaurants are and Umi is no exception.  There is a parking lot outside, and a gym next door should you want to work out and then have a healthy meal!


Snapshot: Egg Harbor Cafe in Lake Forest, IL

IMG_6334 Egg Harbor Cafe is full of roosters and chickens. The space is well-lit, and feels nice and cozy for brunch.  It’s conveniently located downtown but in a little line of shops that have a nice parking lot.  It’s always nice to be able to grab brunch without having to worry about parallel parking or paying at a meter. (more…)

FredWrites: Crop Kitchen in Cleveland

Crop-2We arrived in Cleveland a few hours early, and so decided to check out the local food scene. We stopped by Crop Kitchen, which seems to be a newer restaurant given they only have 10 reviews so far on Yelp. We visited in the middle of the afternoon, and Fred, feeling poetic, decided to write this post in the form of haikus. (more…)

Snapshot: Saint Anna Bakery & Cafe in Chinatown, Chicago

IMG_6359I used to volunteer in a clinic in Chinatown and when we were done with the day’s patients, Saint Anna would always bring pastries and milk tea for us.   There was something so fulfilling about sitting down with the whole team after a hectic morning and having hot buns and creamy drinks.  We would debrief about difficult patients, ask questions about things we didn’t understand, and enjoy our snack.  Saint Anna will always be associated with that learning experience, and will always have a place in my heart.   (more…)


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