CloverEats: The Silo in Lake Bluff


Back in the day, when I used to burn thousands of calories swimming, I loved coming to The Silo after a tough practice for a deliciously satisfying pizza.  It’s been a longtime family favorite.  There’s a large parking lot around the barn-shaped building.  It has tons of seating, so even when it’s the busy dinner rush, there isn’t too long of a wait. The restaurant has a lot of charm, from its welcoming giant silo to little details like water games for children. It’s a very family-friendly restaurant. (more…)

CloverEats: Sushi Kushi Toyo in Lake Forest

I believe there are several Sushi Kushi restaurants in the North Shore area.  We got here only a little bit after opening and it was already pretty full.  The restaurant actually has a really nice feel to it, with lots of light colored wood and paper barriers giving you the feel of personal space.  The restaurant soon became completely packed, and so at times our waitress was literally running around trying to get everyone’s orders.  I assume it’s much less busy during the lunch hour on a non-holiday week, which is nice because like all sushi restaurants, they have some good lunch specials. (more…)

CloverEats: Ninja City in Cleveland


I stopped by Ninja City while visiting Cleveland. My hotel didn’t have any lunch offerings, but I was told that there were plenty of restaurants just down the block.  When I walked around, I noticed Ninja City’s large block letters, and was intrigued.  The restaurant was heavily decorated with a video game and ninja theme, as was to be expected. (more…)

CloverEats: Haymarket in Chicago

CloverDrinks: La Colombe in West Loop

LaColombe-7One of the first things you notice when you walk into La Colombe is the smooth, delicious smell of coffee. The space is light, full of beautiful polished wood, and very welcoming. There isn’t a menu, but the barista was very helpful in suggesting drinks for us and describing different drink components. Our friends brought us here on NYE, and the delicious coffee definitely helped me make it to the countdown and three different parties before falling asleep! (more…)

CloverEats: a fantastic meal at Bohemian House in Chicago


I just had one of the best meals that I’ve had in a while.  A bunch of my friends from high school all got together downtown to go skating at the new Maggie Daley Ice ribbon, where the skate rental line was unbelievable.  Definitely bring your own skates if you’re planning to go!  Afterwards, we went to Bohemian House, a Czech/German/Austrian restaurant in River North.  We walked over, so didn’t have to worry about parking.  Also, the five of us were able to get a seat at one of their communal tables at dinnertime on a Saturday without reservations!  We were all pretty frozen at that point, so it was quite exciting that there was a section of hot cocktails.  Pictured above was the lovely Winter in Salzburg, with cognac, rosemary, apple cider, St. Germain, and lemon.  It was an extra bonus that the lemon and rosemary were literally flamed tableside, giving off an aroma of smoked herbs before the rest of the drink was poured on.  Fantastic! (more…)

CloverEats: L’Albatros in Cleveland


We went to Cleveland for a few days, and of course checked out some of the restaurants. The most highly-rated restaurant in the area where we were staying was L’Albatros. It was within walking distance from our hotel in University Circle, and we got to pass by the exploding soda can building on the way there.   (more…)


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