CloverEats: Jeera Thai in New Haven


Drunken Noodle – stir fried flat rice noodle, egg, chili, garlic, assorted vegetable and hot basil (duck, mock duck)

We walked by Jeera Thai a few times before, and finally decided to try it one day.  It’s right across from a parking garage and only a couple minutes’ walk from our place.  We liked it so much we ordered takeout from them several times in the next few days. (more…)

CloverEats: Rubamba in New Haven

Chancho (orange pulled pork) Colombian arepa

Chancho (orange pulled pork) Colombian arepa

I’ve had amazing arepas from the Ay! Arepa food cart, and so was excited to check out the restaurant Rubamba. I think this experience confirms how big a difference presentation can make – just look at how beautiful the arepa looks above, plated so precisely! Compare that to the food cart version (separate post to come) below, which while delicious, doesn’t have nearly the same oomph.


CloverEats: Bentara in New Haven

Tofu Sumbat Blanched bean sprouts and julienne cucumber stuffed in four tofu triangles served with a very spicy shrimp paste peanut sauce or with our mild or medium peanut sauce

Tofu Sumbat
Blanched bean sprouts and julienne cucumber stuffed in four tofu triangles served with a very spicy shrimp paste peanut sauce or with our mild or medium peanut sauce

We walked by Bentara the other day and were intrigued by the lights in the window. It’s a restaurant serving Malaysian food, which is something I’m not very familiar with, so we decided to try it out. It was pretty empty on a weekday evening, so we were seated immediately. There looked to be metered parking on the street outside. (more…)

The things I’ll miss about Ann Arbor.

Goodbye, Ann Arbor, it’s been a great four years.


While here, CloverEats! joined Twitter, Facebook, and Urbanspoon.

Over 150 posts were published.

I’ll miss Restaurant Week.  So many great meals.

I upgraded to a Canon 6D and a macro 50mm f/2.4, switched to shooting RAW, and started using Lightroom.


I’m really going to miss takeout from Cardamom.

I’m so sad that I’m leaving before Eve reopens eve the restaurant, because I love Frita Batidos.

I learned so much and met some really cool folks.

If you haven’t already, check out The Food and Wine Hedonist, Meg Goes Nom Nom, and The Winegetter.

Goodbye, SONGBiRD, goodbye, TeaHaus.

I loved Top of the Park, summer days in the Arb, kayaking down the Huron River.

I loved noodles and Korean BBQ at Tomukun.

 Hopefully, New England will be able to offer a wide variety of restaurants.  Goodbye, Ann Arbor, I promise to visit!

Snapshot: Neehee’s in Canton, MI

IMG_7868After we had Curry on Crust, we went next door to NeeHee’s to check out what has been called some of the best Indian Street Food in southeast Michigan.  The place was huge, with bright displays and buzzers, and it was packed, even late at night on a weekday. (more…)

Special Guest Feature: Claudia Eats: Georgina’s in Traverse City

Georginas-13A Michigan citizen for much of her life thus far, special guest feature Claudia is an astute foodie, paying attention to details and enjoying food from all around.  She truly appreciates a meal well done and has introduced us to a wide range of Michigan goodies, and so it is only fitting that she provide the review for this wonderful gem we ran into during one of our last weeks in Michigan.  Now she lives in LA, where she continues to make the mouths of all her Facebook followers water with pictures of her gourmet adventures.  

Georginas-6As a long time Michigander, but not a frequent traveler up north, I was pleasantly surprised when my friends and I found Georgina’s in Traverse City on an off-season weekend trip to the tip of the mitten. (more…)

Snapshot: delivery from Mezes Greek Grill

Lamb and beef gyro with greek spicy yogurt sauce

Lamb and beef gyro with greek spicy yogurt sauce

We’ve been busy with packing lately, and it’s getting harder and harder to eat at home because we keep packing our kitchen things. We found Mezes Greek Grill on Grubhub, where it got rave reviews, and decided to try it out. Delivery came much faster than the originally estimated one hour, it took only about 30 minutes, which was great for hungry movers such as ourselves. (more…)


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