CloverEats: Prickly Pear in Ann Arbor


When one of my coworkers mentioned that the mole at Prickly Pear was good, I knew we had to go. Despite having passed Prickly Pear many times, and loving the name, we didn’t get a chance to try it until just last week.  There’s only a few restaurants in Ann Arbor that we haven’t been to, and I’m trying to get to all of them before we leave this summer for Yale.  That’s right, Fred and I are headed to the east coast to New Haven!Yale_University_Logo


Snapshot: RM Champagne Salon in West Loop


We went downtown to see Newsies, which was much more fun and interesting than I expected it to be.  Afterwards, we walked over to the West Loop for some dinner at RM Champagne Salon!  I love how it’s tucked away behind this alleyway.  It was pretty early in the evening, so we were one of the only patrons in the restaurant.  Unfortunately, I left my camera at home and only had my iPhone to capture the experience. (more…)

CloverEats: the brand new 8 Tortas in Ann Arbor

IMG_7045I’ve been pretty busy this month, so a lot of these posts have been backlogged.  Today, however, I’m excited to present a realtime post of a brand new restaurant!  It just opened last week, and is so new it is yet to have a Yelp page or website that I can find.  Luckily, it’s located right next door to the delicious Zamaan Cafe, near Bewon in that Eisenhower cluster of shops like Busch’s, so shouldn’t be hard to find.   (more…)

CloverEats: P. F. Chang’s in Ann Arbor

PFChangs-5A P.F. Chang’s and Bravo! recently opened up by Briarwood, giving some nice food options that are perfect for a post-shopping meal. I’ve been to a few P.F. Chang’s before in the Chicago area, and always enjoyed myself, and so looked forward to checking out the new addition. We were able to get a table for two on a Friday night without a wait, which was really nice. Plus, parking by the mall is much easier than trying to find parking downtown. (more…)

CloverDrinks: the new HopCat in Ann Arbor

HopCat just opened this Valentine’s Day in downtown Ann Arbor, right across from the Liberty St parking garage. We visited on a Sunday afternoon, usually not a very busy time, but it was packed! It was cool that they texted you when your table was ready, a nice use of technology.  Also, having ‘cat’ in the name, a picture of a cat, and therefore the ability to use cat puns in advertising (“Joint us for brunch right meow!”) is a nice bonus! (more…)

CloverEats: Cocoro in River North, Chicago


I met up with one of my friends for ramen the other week. At first, we tried to go to High Five Ramen, but they weren’t open yet for the night, so we headed up to Cocoro instead. We were able to find street parking just around the corner, and were seated as soon as we entered. We started off with some fantastic matcha green tea, which was much richer and more flavorful than other teas I’ve tried. It was pretty empty when we arrived, but soon began filling up with a surprising number of Japanese businessmen, which I took to be a good sign of the restaurant’s authenticity. (more…)

CloverEats: Valentine’s Day at Paesano


We’ve passed by Paesano countless times but somehow I’ve never blogged about them.  It was a snowy Valentine’s Day, but we made the trek out Washtenaw Ave for a lunch date.  The restaurant was mainly decorated for Mardi Gras, but there was a little table with some lovey-dovey pieces.   (more…)


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