Melange in Ann Arbor


When I first moved to Ann Arbor, there were some great deals that we bought for Melange. I remembered liking the River Rock, a hot rock that you can sizzle pieces of steak on, as well as some of their cocktails. We recently went back for the first time in three years. (more…)

Cafe Sante in Boyne City


We stayed up in Boyne City when we went up the mitten, but unfortunately it was still pretty cold. The lake was frozen, but that didn’t stop us from going to the beach and exploring new restaurants! Nancy found Cafe Sante and so we decided to try them out. (more…)

CloverVisits: The Bob-In Again in Petoskey


We stopped by the beach in Petoskey, but it was a little early in the season because the lake was still frozen.  Afterwards, we were all hungry, and so drove into town where we found the just-opened Bob-In Again.   (more…)

Don’t judge a book by its cover: a Snapshot of Chef in Ypsilanti

Our team’s pharmacist recommended Chef to me a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t until recently that I got to go. I originally tried to go to Thai-Thai on a Sunday afternoon (their Facebook and Yelp pages say they started staying open on Sundays), only to find that they were actually closed. Starving, I opened up Yelp and saw the 4.5 stars that Chef got, and remembered the original recommendation. We drove only five minutes from Thai-Thai to get there, and honestly, were a little worried at its run-down exterior in a sketchy little strip mall. However, the food was amazing, and definitely made me glad I didn’t skip it over just because of how it looked. (more…)

CloverEats: Pilar’s Tamales in Ann Arbor


Pilar’s Tamales was high on my list of places to eat before leaving AA.  We didn’t realize they closed at 7, and so stopped by at 6:55.  Whoops and sorry!  However, Sylvia, the owner, welcomed us and said she was ‘happy to feed [us]’!  She was so nice and friendly, even though we showed up right before closing! (more…)

CloverVisits: Keyhole in Mackinaw


We went up to Mackinaw to visit some key areas of Michigan before leaving.  It was a little cold still, and before the normal tourism season began, so a lot of places were closed.  We initially stopped in another place but there were so many bad reviews on Yelp that we left and went to Keyhole instead, which had a rocking 4 stars. (more…)

CloverEats: Best China in Canton


For a town with lots of Korean restaurants, it’s still hard to find a good Chinese restaurant in Ann Arbor.  We drove out to Canton to check out Best China, which has placemats boasting its status as one of the fifty best Chinese restaurants in the US.   (more…)


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