CloverCelebrates: New Year’s at Chicago’s Wildberry

After an awesome night out on the town, we all woke up starving.  I had never been to Wildberry at the Prudential Building, though I’ve passed by it several times before.  I now know that I’ve been missing out on delicious brunch this whole time I’ve lived in Chicagoland!

Unfortunately, since it was brunch on New Year’s, we had to wait over an hour before our party of ten got seated.  However, as soon as our drink, the Wildberry Orange Juice, came, I knew everything would be worth the wait!  The fresh squeezed house juice had not only orange, but also hints of strawberry and grapefruit.  It was delicious!

I always like to start off brunch with something savory, here, we got the Los Altos Benedict, which was spicy with chipotle hollandaise, red peppers, and chorizo.  It was the most unique eggs benedict I’ve ever had, and was delicious.  Even the ketchup for the hash browns tasted more flavorful than other restaurants’.

We also got lots of sweet dishes!  Since the restaurant is named Wildberry, we went for berry-based pancakes and crepes, although there was a very tempting Red Velvet Pancake.  Everything was delicious, and we left stuffed.  Though initially slow, Wildberry’s waiters were very nice, splitting the bill into ten separate individual checks.  I think this might even top Walker Brothers as my new favorite brunch location.  What a great way to start off the new year!  Check out Wildberry on Yelp or their official website!


Wildberry on Urbanspoon

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