CloverEats spicy gumbo at Evanston’s “Dixie Kitchen & Bait Shop”

The Experience: Dixie Kitchen, as we affectionate refer to it as, has excellent decorations.  Its official name includes “Bait Shop,” and Dixie Kitchen doesn’t fail to deliver on this.  All around, vintage finds and mentions of fishing can be seen; the decorations are intricate and fit with the cuisine in a cute way.


Vintage; recycled.

The Food: Martin and I really love coming to Dixie Kitchen for its morning brunch, which includes the amazing Jumbalaya Omelette.  There is also mimosa, good coffee, corn bread pancakes, and plantains.  The food is always delicious here, although it took some getting used to at first; I didn’t used to like Cajun food as a kid, but now I feel it is so homey and delicious!

Peach glazed wings!

Thick, thick gumbo!

Corn bread appetizer.

The Bill: I believe our bill came to around $30 for two, which was fine because we both ate a lot, as always.

"One drop is all you need!"

Official website; YELP!

Dixie Kitchen & Bait Shop on Urbanspoon

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