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I read about this Portuguese twist on traditional egg tarts in Serious Eats and so had to try them out while in Flushing. The bakery was tiny as is everything in New York but the pastries were delightfully fluffy, flavorful, and still warm! Check them out on Yelp!



Leaf | Flushing






I can’t believe that just around the corner from $2 chao fun is this fantastically hip and classy lounge, Leaf. On the rootfop of a complex that houses similarly upscale restaurants, Leaf offers a lovely view with an indoor and outdoor section. Got the Momotaro and the Gone Guavas and the Bai Jiu.

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Her Name Is Han | Koreatown NYC

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We were able to get a seat for two on a Saturday night at 10PM without a wait. The menu is beautiful, very artful. Started off with Sparkling Lychee and Hwayo. Croquettes were bursting with flavor, the salmon cucumber was refreshing. We also got the kalbi and it was delicious and juicy and perfect, sweeter than usual but oh how excellent it was. A very nice upgrade on the usual Korean restaurant experience.

Yelp; website.
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City Point Kitchen | New Haven

Pokeworks | NYC

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One of the things I was most excited to try this time around in NYC were poke bowls, basically like sushi in bowl form, fitting, as sake don is my favorite thing to order in a sushi restaurant. There are currently a handful of poke restaurants in NYC and a ton more in LA, but the three main ones are Sons of Thunder, Pokeworks, and Wisefish Poke. (See this article in one of my favorite food columns, Hungry City.) I tried to stop by after the big lunch rush, during which my NYC friends say the line goes out the door and down the block, and was able to at least get in line inside the restaurant. I went for a bowl, as I’ve been told the burrito is hard to eat because the seaweed is hard to bite through, leading to spillage and mess. The rice was vinegary and warm, the tuna was so pink and fresh that it looks like watermelon! I however prefer salmon, which was also fantastic and delicious. They were quite generous with the avocado, which does cost $1.50 more, and also let me both sriracha aioli (basically spicy mayo) and the umami shoyu – it was amazing. I even managed to nab a spot on the tiny counter and scarf down my bowl. When it’s really busy, my friends say they bring their bowls just down the street to Bryant Park where there is plenty of space to sit and eat. I only wish there were more poke restaurants available! Yelp; website.
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Turkish Kebab House | West Haven

Zoi’s on Orange | New Haven





We were looking for a good breakfast place and saw the great Yelp reviews for Zoi’s. We’ve run by this place a few times and decided to finally go in and check it out. There was a line but it moved quickly and the space, while small, was not uncomfortably so. Our sandwiches came out pretty quickly, the Mean Dean and the Big Kahuna, and while flavorful and hot, were a little too greasy for my taste. Definitely a higher quality version than say your McDonald’s or Panera breakfast sandwich, but just not my kind of thing. Maybe I should try their salads instead.

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