Girl & the Goat

Our friend gave us a gift card to Girl & the Goat, where we’ve been meaning to go since we moved here. We walked in right at opening and were able to get seated pretty much immediately, which was awesome. We were at the back and could see all the dishes being prepared, which was pretty cool. Service was wonderful, really prompt, the perfect amount of checking in, and food was well-paced. Despite everyone raving about the pig face, I found it too much and too salty, and also the idea of it made me a little queasy. Should have gone with the short ribs, which looked delicious. The green beans were also too salty. The goat empanadas were good. The fish was surprisingly really good, probably the best dish of the meal. The dessert – “Sticky tasty toffee yummy – Sweet potato cake . miso caramel whip . sour cream ice cream . gooseberry” was absolutely spectacular. Drinks were good too. Overall was okay – a little too salty and maybe overhyped, not bad but didn’t live up to expectations.

Check them out on Yelp or at their website.

Acadia, 2**

We walked in on a quiet Sunday evening without any reservations and the bar was pretty wide open, surprising because of how amazing our experience was, I would think they’d be absolutely full. The service was superb – I thought our bartender was really experienced, thoughtful, and observant. The drinks were great, the fried chicken had perfectly sweet honey crunchy skin; the lamb cumin was pretty authentic flavor-wise though a little spicy for me. The sorghum and black sesame dessert blew me away, an amazing playful range of textures and flavors. A really great experience, can’t wait to come back and try the full tasting menu. Check them out on Yelp or at their website!



Just opened – MingHin in South Loop

We’ve been watching this for the last few months and they finally opened! Best part is dim sum available every day at any time – including my favorite, crepes! Although just opened, didn’t have the usual trouble that new places do – clearly run by a group familiar with restaurant business – good speed and service (though husband ran out of water a few times, but that’s common because he drinks an exorbitant amount with meals). Loved the crepes as mentioned, the duck was also good but wish there was more meat on the skin pieces, though it did come with a duck fried rice dish, I like the buns+hoisin+greens better. Egg tarts were great though they were out of the multicolored ones, that was okay. Green beans a little salty. It was cool you could order on iPads – beautiful big photos. Very reasonable price too, generous portions that gave us several additional meals from leftovers. Overall a nice addition to South Loop that satisfies that dim sum craving.

Check them out on Yelp or at their website!


We went to Rosebud on a Saturday night so it was really busy. Despite making reservations, still had to wait awkwardly at the downstairs bar, then when we were told we had a table, had to still wait by the maitre d’ table before being seated. Pretty noisy, and service was okay, but nothing particularly special. They did have very generous portions, from the gigantic eggplant parmesan to the huge chocolate cake. Very classic Italian fare. Check them out on Yelp or at their website!

Somserset, Chicago

A really lovely setting in the hotel – high ceilings and cool lights and sunshine filled with large open windows. Drinks were good – hibiscus sour, prickly situation. The halibut, cauliflower, flat iron steak, and lamb chop were all good as well. Unfortunately, found a hair in one of the dishes; they kindly removed the cost from the check. Really enjoyed the dessert – angel food cake and raspberry tart. A nice experience!

Check them out on Yelp or at their website!


Favorite cocktail so far in Chicago – Sepia – 1Michelin

Amazing cocktail – so complex and layered. Wait team was okay, very nice but a little less professional than expected; nothing wrong with that, I guess. We got the tasting menu and it was lovely – a wide range of lovely courses with small bites in between. One of my favorite meals in Chicago thus far.

Check them out on Yelp or at their website.

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Fluffy soufflé pancakes at Hanabusa Cafe


After seeing these fancy delightful jiggly soufflé pancakes online, we had to check out Hanabusa Cafe – we made a special effort to get there right at opening (for once my husband, who is perpetually late, managed to be on time) because we heard if you miss the first round, the wait for a table in their small location and cooking (‘please allow 20 minutes for the souffle’) can really add up.  Despite our efforts, we still ended up waiting 40+ minutes for our food. The decorations are absolutely adorable with instagrammable backgrounds and gold flatware. The pancake lived up to jiggly expectations and was tasty. Worth the wait? Not sure – glad we tried it but not going to be a frequent flyer. Check them out on Yelp or at their Website!

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