Guest writers; Schwa, 1 Michelin, Chicago

Featuring our friends Corey and Phil writing:

One of my favorite Chicago restaurant experiences so far. Such fun, great music, cool waiters. Strange BYOB but worked well; we didn’t bring any white so they kindly provided some to pair with the seafood. Loved the sparkling water. Liked how we paid ahead of time.


“The waiters seemed more like someone out of the local skate park than what I’d expect at a Michelin star restaurant…in a good way. The curtain hung, and the music was to die for”

“It felt like Pan’s labyrinth. The attendants were marvelous – they could tell a joke, and stand to take a joke. The music reminded me that I was among my own people. This was not your grandmother’s 1 michelin star restaurant.”


“What of the cocktail. For an unobservant participant, they might miss the amuse bouche on the top of the glass.”


“The ravioli was like a heroin injection in my mouth. It was like a quail nestled in my egg. It brought forth an umami flavor. If I could have but one dish before I was executed, this I would want to be the antipasta.”


The soup started out with a celebration of autumn. It was antelope 3 ways. It was a tour de force of the evening. I haven’t even had antelope one way, let alone three! When the brought was poured on the garlic and sage, on the vegetables and squash. It was a symphony on my senses…and oh the songs that it sang.


We only brought a red wine and didn’t have a white wine, but the waiters were kind enough to pour us small glasses from a house white.


The leaves standing up on the caviar potato chip was a small gesture that went a long way. This was an elevated sour cream and onion potatochips, with a salty surprise on top, but also a salty surprise inside.


The next course looked like something out of an alien’s garden. The fish I was better off not knowing, because I will never eat another fish again the same way. The skate was perfectly cooked. The colors required every cone in my eye to see the color. Without having tasting it I knew this would be a dish that would unite all my senses.


The next one bite dish was a great single bite. It had a rich filling with a crunchy finish. When my cat saw this, it purred.


This was a fascinating play on a childhood favorite. The dreamcicle. However, they did it right by not making it to sweet. Instead, they had the creamcicle flavor, while still enjoying the savory nature of the brains. You wanna talk about smart food, here’s your dish.


The next dish featured a steaming center piece that made my mouth water and mind wonder as I wondered what hidden scent was now delighting my senses. I thought, let me try sleeping vertically to enjoy this more.


Next came a wagyu beef dish. Let’s just say I didn’ think a cow do this, and I’ve seen a cow do a lot of things. This dish ‘moo’ved me.


To think that bread and butter could be so innovatively done is a testament to this establishment, and I say, hats off to the cook. The dough of the bao simply filled the mouth with a chewy rush of flavor. When the beef inside let forth its succulent juices, it sang like a choir.


This cheese course was the south by southwest in a bite. This one felt like things I’ve eaten before, but never truly appreciated until they were combined in this truly elegant bite.


Popsicle – good not great. I felt like it tasted something from my childhood, but less sweet with more authentic flavor. I thought when I’m slowly transitioning to a soft diet, this is what I’ll start with.


I loved the presentation of the dessert, and I was wowed by the flavors. The flavor profile – BAM. The fennel added a much needed rustic and earthy note to an otherwise sweet dish. My hats off to the chef, the sous chef, the sommelier, and the line chef #gamerespectgame #TB12. This is one meal, I will not soon, forget. In fact, this is the best fine dining experience, I had in months.

Check them out on Yelp or at their website.


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