CloverEats: authentic pho at Ypsilanti’s Dalat!

On a rainy afternoon, I was really craving pho, really missing Chicago’s Argyle neighborhood’s little pho restaurants.  I looked up Dalat on Yelp, which recommends it as one of the best authentic Vietnamese restaurants in the Ann Arbor/Ypsi area.  The restaurant was very quiet, and there was only one other table of customers besides us.

The pho here definitely beat Tomukun’s version: the broth was much more flavorful, less salty, and the slices of beef were tender and delicious.  There were many specific types of pho as well, with customizable meats and additions!  It was about a twenty minute drive for us though, and I’m not sure Dalat is so much better that I’d be willing to drive so far each time I got hit by a pho craving.

We got a delicious dessert, “che 3 mau,” with red bean, jellies, tapioca, coconut milk, and rice.  Yum!  Check out Dalat on Yelp or at their official website!

2 thoughts on “CloverEats: authentic pho at Ypsilanti’s Dalat!

  1. I’ve been quietly stalking this website for sometime now, you always go to such great food places! 🙂 Last night I went to this little fusion Mexican restaurant in the Lincoln Park area and you should try it when you’re back in Chicago! It’s called Chilam Balam, they serve tapas style.


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