Girl & the Goat

Our friend gave us a gift card to Girl & the Goat, where we’ve been meaning to go since we moved here. We walked in right at opening and were able to get seated pretty much immediately, which was awesome. We were at the back and could see all the dishes being prepared, which was pretty cool. Service was wonderful, really prompt, the perfect amount of checking in, and food was well-paced. Despite everyone raving about the pig face, I found it too much and too salty, and also the idea of it made me a little queasy. Should have gone with the short ribs, which looked delicious. The green beans were also too salty. The goat empanadas were good. The fish was surprisingly really good, probably the best dish of the meal. The dessert – “Sticky tasty toffee yummy – Sweet potato cake . miso caramel whip . sour cream ice cream . gooseberry” was absolutely spectacular. Drinks were good too. Overall was okay – a little too salty and maybe overhyped, not bad but didn’t live up to expectations.

Check them out on Yelp or at their website.

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