CloverEats: Restaurant Week – Ann Arbor’s Grange Kitchen and Bar

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Surprisingly, the best part of this meal was the brussels sprouts.  Granted, I think they were fried in butter, but they were delicious.  The appetizers were an interesting array of sauce and bread, and the salad had some delightful candied walnuts, but really, the brussel sprouts were the best.  Overall, I think I prefer their brunch to their dinner. Check out Grange on Yelp or at their official website.

7 thoughts on “CloverEats: Restaurant Week – Ann Arbor’s Grange Kitchen and Bar

  1. Their appetizers and cocktails are really good, but u haven’t had good experience with their dinners in terms if concept and execution. But that’s the best part of restaurant week, right? Lets u take a flyer on some places with less investment?


    • I agree, Restaurant Week is a great reason to get out there and try new places, although reservations fill up quickly! I’ve only ever gone out for dinner during it though, I wonder if the lunch options are any good.


    • I always feel like I should like Grange more than I end up liking it. I like how they’re focused on local farms. None of my dinner experiences there were particularly amazing, but I enjoyed their brunch quite a bit!


      • It seems to me like they’re so focused on local ingredients that they forget to actually season their food or make it interesting. Also, the menu touted a panna cotta (I am a panna cotta snob) and I eagerly ordered it, but it forgot to tell me it’s made with buttermilk. That changes everything in a panna cotta. Instead of succulent sweetness, all I got was sour aromas. I hated it. And the waitress informed me that maybe I should expand my palate….sigh.


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