CloverEats: bacon and maple syrup waffles at Ann Arbor’s new Wafel Shop!

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Are you a waffle person or a pancake person?  Both types of people seem pretty adamant about their breakfast carb of choice, but I believe that Ann Arbor’s just-opened Wafel Shop will sway a fair share of folks over to the waffle side.  The smell of batter cooking swarmed us as soon as we walked into the cozy little space next to the robot shop.  There was a little bit of a wait; it seemed like the restaurant was still working out some kinks, but after I bit into my Liege with bacon and maple syrup, all of that was meaningless.  What was this amazing flavor in my mouth?  There was the inherent sweetness of the Liege waffle, with the smoky bacon and sweet syrup mingling in a way that was nothing short of perfect.

Unfortunately, there was no Brussels batter when we arrived, but after we finished our first course, we immediately ordered another waffle, this time with Brussels batter.  While the Brussels waffle comes out larger, I have to say I liked the flavor of the Liege better.  It was denser, and I felt the topping distribution ended up at a better ratio.  I’ve spent the day telling everyone about this new treat, and will definitely return soon.  Next time, I want to try the Biscoff spread!

Check them out on Yelp!

The Wafel Shop on Urbanspoon

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