Grand opening! Blank Slate Creamery in Ann Arbor


Jenny and I woke up early this bright Sunday morning to get in line for the grand opening of Blank Slate Creamery!  It’s at Liberty and First, just a block away from Mark’s Carts.  There’s a small parking lot on site, but we parked at a lot a little bit away and walked over.  We got there at 11, and there was already a long line, which only grew longer as the official opening time of 11:30 drew nearer.  The first 300 people received freezer-safe cups with the store’s logo, which you can use to get extra ice cream!

BlankSlateCreamery-2 BlankSlateCreamery-3 BlankSlateCreamery-4

BlankSlateCreamery-5 BlankSlateCreamery-6 BlankSlateCreamery-7

There were lots of design details that I liked.  The store was covered in blackboard paint, and buckets of chalk adorned the tables.  Jenny whipped up some adorable pics.  Everyone wore black with pink suspenders.

BlankSlateCreamery-8 BlankSlateCreamery-9 BlankSlateCreamery-10 BlankSlateCreamery-11 BlankSlateCreamery-12 BlankSlateCreamery-13

There were tons of flavors to choose from.  Our favorite was the salty caramel coffee.  The balsamic strawberry that I was most excited for unfortunately tasted more strawberry than balsamic, although it was still fruity and delicious.  This ice cream had amazing texture – it was so soft, fluffy, and whipped; it brought to mind gelato more than ice cream.  I hope that the pint I brought home keeps this amazing texture after I store it in my regular old freezer.  BlankSlateCreamery-14 BlankSlateCreamery-15 BlankSlateCreamery-16 BlankSlateCreamery-17 BlankSlateCreamery-19

We had a great time at the grand opening of Blank Slate Creamery, and I think it’s a great place to get some delicious and fluffy ice cream in the warm Ann Arbor Summer.  Check them out on Yelp or at their website!

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6 thoughts on “Grand opening! Blank Slate Creamery in Ann Arbor

    • Every time I go to Washtenaw Dairy, I end up getting their amazing doughnuts. I’ll have to try their ice cream sometime, to compare it to Blank Slate Creamery. So much hard work, all in the name of research!


      • It’s tough being a blogger, no?

        I can’t support WD’s donuts. Last I saw they were all cake donuts, which are inferior to raised ones – French crullers, long johns, glazed, cream filled.


  1. My 14yo son stopped by after his bass lesson at nearby Ann Arbor Music Center. He was disappointed in how expensive it was. He’ll still be going to Washtenaw Dairy when he wants ice cream, but I’ll give Blank Slate a try because the flavors look intriguing (WD doesn’t make their own).

    What’s the story on the mug? He got one, but didn’t seem to realize it was useful for anything beyond use as a mug.


    • I can see how the ice cream would be pricey for a 14yo; I remember how much even a couple dollars seemed at that age! I really did think that the texture of the ice cream at Blank Slate Creamery was excellent, and worth the extra few bucks, at least to an adult like me! My understanding is that if you bring in the pint container with their logo, you get extra ice cream – the official quote from their Facebook page is “with these cups you can get 50% more ice cream every time you purchase a pint from our store!” I hope you like them! Let me know what you think!


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