CloverDrinks: Bill’s Beer Garden in Ann Arbor

Just a skip and a hop from Mark’s Carts, Bill’s Beer Garden is a much-loved outdoor space that serves beer.  Set up in the parking lot of Downtown Home & Garden, it’s always buzzing with activity on warm summer nights.  The local kitty, Luis, patrols the scene, where the line for beer can go all the way out the door.   








It can be hard to find table space if you have a large party, but luckily, a spot always opens up.  You can bring food over from Mark’s Carts, and they also show movies and have classes!  I’m not a huge beer person, as I’ve mentioned before, but I greatly enjoy Unity Vibration’s Kombucha beer, which is served here.  In the fall, they also have warm, spiked apple cider and a fire pit. Because there are so many people, it’s a bit on the loud side, but overall, a great place to grab a drink with friends!  Check them out on Yelp, Facebook, or their website!

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