FredEats: Elevation Burger in Ann Arbor


I heard about Elevation Burger from a Youtube video ad – it marks the first time I ever knowingly based my purchasing decisions off a 30 seconds video. However, the food looked great, it was close to home, and it operated upon wholesome principles. Yelp reviews were generally positive, and I saw the owner took the time to reply to many reviews; it was clear he aimed to serve customers as best he could. Thus prompted our journey to down Washtenaw Ave in search of a better burger.

ElevationBurger-2ElevationBurger-3The atmosphere inside Elevation Burger is reminiscent of the numerous other burger shops in the area. Nothing disappointing, nothing particularly unique – but given the simple premise I would not ask for anything more. For my main meal, I ordered a two patty burger with 6 of my favorite toppings. The burger came packaged in a paper sheath, taking away some of the mess that often complicates these endeavors. Additionally, the burger came with a perfect amount of toppings – not enough to overwhelm the burger or soak the bun. The burger itself was flavorful, and I particularly enjoyed the aged cheddar and the hot pepper relish.
ElevationBurger-5ElevationBurger-4As a side, we also got the fresh cut fries cooked in olive oil. The fries were delicious, and we almost cleared the entire serving, which is generous enough for two. The fries can be topped with any of the burger toppings to add some variety, and I would be interested in trying a few different interpretations on my next visit. To finish the meal, we ordered a vanilla milkshake with strawberry mixed in. The shake was delicious – I continued to have a few spoonfuls even after it melted in the car.
ElevationBurger-8Overall, I really appreciated the use of fresh ingredients and the attempt to put a more natural twist on burgers. It may just be me, but when eating at certain fast food establishments or other burger joints, I feel like my palate gets coated with a greasy film. When I last ordered a strawberry milkshake from a chain restaurant, the shake initially tasted decent but had an off-putting aftertaste that made us discard it. I had no problems with such unpleasantness at Elevation Burger.


Of course, the standard burgers are still 500 calories, and the milkshakes range in the 700s, so it is still a very dense meal. They do have some healthier options – including veggie burgers and lettuce wrapped burgers – which I have yet to sample. Yet, I think everyone gets a craving for a beef burger once in a while, and I know next time I work a 12 hour shift without lunch, I’ll want to stop by Elevation Burger to get my fix.
ElevationBurger-6ElevationBurger-7Check them out on Yelp or at their website!  Check out more of Fred’s posts here!

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The clouds were super beautiful!ElevationBurger-11ElevationBurger-12

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