CloverDrinks: Comet Coffee in Ann Arbor

Comet Coffee is one of those cafes that really pushes coffee to the next level.  It’s a small space and the coffee can be pricey depending on the brewing method, but it’s absolutely worth it.


IMG_4018-3 IMG_4024-4 IMG_4026-5 IMG_4027-6 IMG_4029-7 IMG_4030-8 IMG_4032-9


I remember the first time I ordered a cup made with the Syphon – it felt like I was in a chemistry lab, watching the coffee boil and get vacuumed.  And the taste – amazing!  I’m usually pretty disrespectful of most coffees, dumping in the cream and sugar until one can barely call it coffee, but at Comet, I drink my order pure and black.  For some reason, it never tastes as bitter as the drip coffee I get from the library coffee machine.  There’s just so much cool stuff here, so that you too can recreate your coffee experience at home!  Check them out on Yelp!
Comet Coffee on Urbanspoon

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