CloverTravels: Twin Brothers in Nassau, Bahamas






Twin Brothers was recommended to us by several people we encountered on the island. We walked from downtown Nassau to the Fish Fry area to see what all the fuss was about. There are several restaurants all lined up next to each other, all with pretty similar offerings. As we got closer, a stranger tried to steer us to another restaurant, telling us that since Twin Brothers got so popular, they got lazier and stopped using fresh fish. We went ahead anyway. There’s another location right next to the bridge to Paradise Island, where I literally saw the chef lean over the edge of the restaurant, which was over the ocean, and pull out a conch that got chopped up and put into my conch salad. That was both cool and kind of gross. My ‘cocktail’ was basically sugar from a slushie machine with some alcohol poured in. Fred reported that his fish was okay, and both of us thought the conch fritters (deep fried conch) were nothing too special. Anyway, now we experienced it, hooray! Check them out on their website!  Here are some other photos from our trip.






This local beverage tasted like bubbly sweet potatoes!


This horse had a straw hat!


We got to feed some lories!



Sweet, sweet coconuts!

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