CloverEats at Ann Arbor’s “Madras Masala”

The Experience: Fred and I were being adventurous and exploring Ann Arbor when we suddenly realized we were hungry.  Yelp directed us to the nearby “Madras Masala,” an Indian restaurant with rave reviews.  My favorite part of the restaurant were these arches in the middle, separating it into a front room and a back room.

The Food: My favorite dish is anything with paneer.  Although paneer is supposed to be similar to tofu, I think it is way more delicious.  Tofu is not so good, maybe because of the texture, maybe because my parents always encouraged me to eat it.  The food was quite good!  I (quite immaturely) picked out and ate all the paneer in my dish, and then left the sauce.  Fred, however, made good progress on his curry.  We had a good deal left over.

Mutter Paneer + Navaratan Khorma (Nine gems of India Curry).

Get it? Chilly?

The Bill: Everything was decently priced, and the service was good.  I’ll definitely be returning to this during my stay in Ann Arbor!

I love Mango Lassi. Fred got chai.

Official website; YELP!

Madras Masala on Urbanspoon

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