CloverEats: the brand new 8 Tortas in Ann Arbor

IMG_7045I’ve been pretty busy this month, so a lot of these posts have been backlogged.  Today, however, I’m excited to present a realtime post of a brand new restaurant!  It just opened last week, and is so new it is yet to have a Yelp page or website that I can find.  Luckily, it’s located right next door to the delicious Zamaan Cafe, near Bewon in that Eisenhower cluster of shops like Busch’s, so shouldn’t be hard to find.  

IMG_7048 IMG_7046It’s bright and cheery, although it looks like not many people know about it, because it was empty except for our group.  The owners are the same as Zamaan Cafe, and some employees came back and forth from next door.  There’s a wide range of options, but my friends who had visited earlier last week recommended the tortas as being the star of the menu.

IMG_7050Our friend described it as ‘like Subway’ – the base bread is loaded up with cheese and meat, toasted, and then you’re welcome to add additional toppings on top.  I went with the Al Ahijo, which tasted like chicken shawarma and was delicious.  Fred got the Hawayana, which was like a Hawaiian pizza made into a sandwich.  They’re definitely generous with the cheese and toppings, making for an amazing meal where I was full after eating only 1/4 of my torta.  Our other friends for the Fajita, Picante, and Marina, and all had positive reviews.

IMG_7049It’s hard to convey the delicious nature of this type of meal, because all my photos makes things looked like a mushed-up mess.  (Not having my real camera on hand doesn’t help either; I can’t wait to upgrade to a phone with a better camera.)  However, do not doubt that this really hits the spot after an exhausting day of work.  The anticipation really builds as you watch your sandwich come out of the toaster, steaming hot, dripping melted cheese.

IMG_7043 IMG_7047Overall, a delicious, albeit probably unhealthy meal.  Check them out at 3584 Plymouth Road, by Busch’s/Bewon/Zamaan Cafe.  I’ll update after submitting them to Yelp/Urbanspoon! Thanks to Rob and Vivek for bringing us to this delicious place!

8 Tortas on Urbanspoon


IMG_7042 IMG_7044

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