CloverEats: Washtenaw Dairy in Ann Arbor


What is better than a cake? A doughnut cake! For a recent birthday, we made two doughnut cakes, one with doughnuts from Dom’s and one with doughnuts from Washtenaw Dairy.  Known for their cake doughnuts, which are a fantastic texture adventure of dense yet crispy and fluffy, Washtenaw Dairy is a local favorite.

WashtenawDairy-1 WashtenawDairy-2

Washtenaw Dairy is tucked away on south Main St, a few blocks down from all the really big streets.  For a while, it was hard to get there because of all the construction, but is now more easily accessible.  It’s located near a residential neighborhood, so parking is always readily available.  The store itself feels like sometime from older times, with everything from the wooden walls to the collection of baseball mitts hanging on them.  It has been around for more than 75 years…WashtenawDairy-3 WashtenawDairy-4

I remember when I first fell in love with doughnuts – my first visit to a Krispy Kreme many years ago, when I first moved to Chicago; their light was on, and my friend insisted on going in for the free doughnut they provide to customers.  Watching the doughnuts travel through the glaze waterfall, feeling the unbelievably soft doughnut melt in my mouth, I was hooked.  WashtenawDairy-5

I’ve heard great things about Washtenaw Dairy’s ice cream, which comes in ridiculously generous scoops, but haven’t tried it myself.  I only have so many calories partitioned off for sweets, and always spend them on doughnuts if I’m here.  Once, I came at 6AM to get doughnuts for our team, and the smell of freshly baked cakey delights filled the store.  The question of best doughnut is always a difficult one, but we’re never left wanting in Ann Arbor.  Check them out on Yelp at at their website!

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