Happy Lamb Hot Pot – Chicago Chinatown!

We long been fans of Fat Little Lamb (Xiao Fei Yang), but wanted to try Happy Lamb Hot Pot (快乐小羊) instead this time. Though as my husband says, not sure why the lambs are happy if they’re the star of the meal.

Came at 8PM on a Saturday night. Told it’d be a one hour wait. Put down our names – got a menu with our number #108 and a pen to circle with. Walked around for 15 min and got pastries and then came back to see that they were running through the list pretty quickly. A few parties didn’t come back after putting their names down so we got seated closer to 30 min. Also there’s ice cream and candy while you wait.

If you’re a starving teenaged boy, all you can eat ($22.99) is a good option, but for everyone else, I definitely recommend the a la carte menu. You get more options including my husband’s favorite rolled chicken. The two of us way over-ordered and only hit $60. I also feel less stressed this way because you’ll get charged extra for AYCE if you don’t finish!

Half and half is the way to go with broth, it’s not too spicy here. Weirdly no sauce bar because they say their broth doesn’t need it, but I always need a healthy serving of vinegar which they happily provided. We had already selected everything while waiting and were brought our orders at astounding speed.

Watermelon juice is also refreshing and helps cut the spice. I hear it’s also BYOB though haven’t done so myself. The best meat is the marbled lamb – so tender!! We also like the taro, napa, and noodles. The angus beef was not as good as the lamb.

Overall an awesome time, definitely our new favorite hot pot place! Check them out on Yelp!


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