Fluffy soufflé pancakes at Hanabusa Cafe


After seeing these fancy delightful jiggly soufflé pancakes online, we had to check out Hanabusa Cafe – we made a special effort to get there right at opening (for once my husband, who is perpetually late, managed to be on time) because we heard if you miss the first round, the wait for a table in their small location and cooking (‘please allow 20 minutes for the souffle’) can really add up.  Despite our efforts, we still ended up waiting 40+ minutes for our food. The decorations are absolutely adorable with instagrammable backgrounds and gold flatware. The pancake lived up to jiggly expectations and was tasty. Worth the wait? Not sure – glad we tried it but not going to be a frequent flyer. Check them out on Yelp or at their Website!

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