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In 2014, some people may have noticed an enormous new “TAPAS” sign lighting up E Washington St at night. I have a love obsession with Spanish tapas, and why not? Small plates, big variety, and a fun experience every time. I’ve been to Aventura a couple times already, and it always takes me on an exhilarating taste adventure as its name promises. The seating upstairs is loud, very crowded, and lively which may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the restaurant has space downstairs for larger, private parties. Aventura makes its own tonic water for its gin and tonics, and they were delicious (though buyer beware: the gin and tonics are really more like cocktails). Plus, the normally pricey $12ish dollar drinks are only $5 during Happy Hour, M-F before 6pm.

This time we went for the cochinillo (suckling pig) and ordered a variety of accompaniments to go with it. I really enjoyed the patatas bravas, a rich dish of fried potato wedges and honey aioli topped with a sunny side up egg. It was perfect to pair it with the coles de bruselas y manzanas, a surprisingly refreshing mixture of Brussels sprouts and apples with crème fraiche. Clover fell in love with the churros, which seem to be served with a trio of dipping sauces that rotates monthly (this time they had a delicious salted caramel sauce that wasn’t served last time during Restaurant Week). I thought the paella was a little dry, but I like my paella with a little more liquid and it may be an issue of personal tastes rather than poor preparation. Overall, Aventura has never failed to deliver a great food experience and might just be my current favorite place in Ann Arbor for a fun night out. There is so much variety in the menu, one could eat forever and not get bored. If you’ve read this far and haven’t already called for a reservation yet, what’s wrong with you?

Check them out on Yelp and their official website!

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4 thoughts on “Special Guest Feature! KevinTastes: Aventura in Ann Arbor

  1. Beautiful pix.. I’ve only been there for cocktails but did have one dish to sample. I’ve heard mixed reviews but some if the negatives were probably due to personal tastes. I’m a fan if Sava and Babo, so I imagine this’ll be fine.


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