CloverCooks: Chinatown’s Xiao Fei Yang (“Little Fat Lamb”)









This place used to have all-you-can-eat hot pot for $13.95. Unfortunately, the price has slowly been rising, so make sure to come hungry. It’s possible to communicate with the staff in English, but speaking Chinese will help smooth things along. The servers are always running around really rushed, so it helps to bring someone outspoken with you. But then again, you didn’t come to a little hot pot spot for the service, did you? You came for the boiling broth, the tender lamb, and my favorite thing of all time, handmade noodles! I could sit here and eat those thick, doughy noodles all day. Be careful about ordering, because you get charged a hefty fee if you leave too much food uneaten. Yelp!

Mandarin Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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