Delectable flavors at Jeni’s Ice Cream in West Loop

Stopped by this bustling ice cream shop because of the line despite the freezing cold weather – any ice cream shop that can stay this busy during the winter must be good! I loved the wide range of flavors and the patience with letting us sample different ones – a lot of fun and the ice cream was delicious. Can’t wait to come back in warmer weather. Check them out on Yelp or at their website.

Formento’s in West Loop

We wandered around West Loop one evening looking for somewhere to eat, went in and out of a few restaurants before settling on Formento’s given their good yelp reviews and lack of a wait.

The location and atmosphere was nice, good for a date. We sat at the bar though, and had the most unfriendly bartender I’ve ever encountered. She didn’t do anything outright mean, but was disagreeable and seemed angry about something – maybe she was having a bad night, but despite our extra efforts to be considerate and nice to her, she was very cold and just unpleasant.

Besides that, the food was good – my pasta was a lovely thick bucatini al dente noodles and our salad was great as well.

Good food, unpleasant bartender – not sure we’ll be back. Check them out on Yelp or at their website.

Just opened! Snapshots from Time Out Market Chicago

We were super excited to try out the brand new food hall Time Out Market Chicago; replacing the hole in our hearts that the closing of Fulton Galley left. Food halls are great for meet ups with friends because everyone can get what they want and this one is so big that there are so many options! Cocktails will run you a steep $17 at the speakeasy tiki bar and food is also relatively pricey for what I thought was just okay food, but the hip location and wide variety makes it worth a visit. Check them out on Yelp or at their website!

Rooh, Chicago West Loop

One of our friends recommended this to us and I have to say this is probably one of our new favorite Chicago restaurants. Full of flavor, interesting cocktails, and a lovely setting.

Their naan is thick, warm, delicious and fresh. It’s expensive though as you only get one piece but it’s so worth it.

I loved the cocktail wheel of flavors – really nice way to present this.

My husband who drinks water like a fiend never went empty – props to that.

A special occasion, ended up being about $60/person but such a great experience!

Check them out on Yelp or at their website!

Fancy food court – Fulton Galley in West Loop


I love having a variety of places to choose from and Fulton Galley has such a great range! Despite there being almost no one on the cold streets, this place was hopping. Great cocktail list and three little cute almost like pop-up shops to choose from. The kung pao noodles were unfortunately way too spicy for us and we had to go back and get another order but the cacio e pepe was divine. Great options if you’re with people who don’t like the same types of foods – and I’m so sad to hear they’re closing! Check them out on Yelp or at their website!

Birthday at Prime & Provisions


Booked a reservation here for a birthday dinner. Great service, our waiter was awesome – prepped a birthday cake without us even asking! I loved the garlic that came with the meat. The filet was most tender. Tried their dry aged because everyone always makes such a big deal out of it but really was more into the filet. The maple bacon appetizer was fantastic, the fried chicken wasn’t bad either. Overall a nice classic steakhouse with nice service; watch out for the bill though!

Check them out on Yelp or at their website.

Anniversary at Everest 1M

We celebrated our anniversary at Everest. I actually went here a long time ago when I was just a little undergrad, too young to even drink, and actually hated it. I found it stuffy, overpriced, and our waiter was not very nice. Things are better now – not sure if because I’m older and know what to expect at these fancy french restaurants, or if the restaurant itself as changed.

We got the tasting menu $160/person requiring entire table participation. Best was the foie gras, although I also really liked the cheeses and the souffle. Our cocktails were good – Yuzu Collins and Monk’s paradise. Waiters seemed nicer this time around as well, and we got to see the great JJ himself.

A bunch of the Yelp low reviews are for not getting a window seat, which I think is silly. Anyway, it was cloudy and raining so no one could see anything anyways.

It’s cool that you have to take a special elevator to the restaurant. They gave us a nice little chocolate mousse for our anniversary. Also nice to have some amuse bouches – joking called ‘courses 1, 2, and 3’ by one of our servers. The petit fours are always nice as well. They kept trying to take away my bread and butter though I enjoy nibbling on this throughout the meal. Also left us without silverware during one course, oops.

Overall, a nice expensive dining experience, good for special occasions or if you’re trying to impress a date. One Michelin star. Fancy and quite French.

Check them out on Yelp or at their website.

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Just opened: omakase and warmth at Otaru in New Haven

I go through sushi kicks once in a while, spending time watching those lovely Youtube videos and daydreaming about toro, perfect rice, and Jiro. I was delighted to hear that a new sushi joint had opened up in New Haven, and rumored to host an omakase to rival those of NYC. Of course, we had to check it out. We thought a snow day would be our best bet of getting seats, and everything from the warm welcome we received to the humor and playfulness and genuine welcome we felt from the restaurant was amazing. The sushi bar is small, seating about ten, and three chefs stand solemnly, a collection of incredibly fish before them. The hot sake was cheap ($5) and the ginger is real and the wasabi is actually ground from the root. Classic renditions of pop songs echoed through the background. Chef, who has worked at Nobu in NYC and other fancy places, joked that he got everything ‘from Costco’ and while serious about his craft, had a friendly demeanor that is often lacking in high end dining. Every piece was perfection. Octopus, which I don’t normally like (was very chewy at Sushi Seki in NYC), was the most tender I had ever had. The scallops shocked me with how delicious they were, and I was speechless. Of course, toro is always amazing, but what really elevated the omakase was Chef’s use of a blow-torch to highlight smoky characteristics and fascinating topping choices such as banana pepper puree. Tomato dessert was delightfully refreshing (though I’d not complain if it were tamago). Overall, a hidden gem in New Haven and probably better than the city deserves. I can’t wait to come back. Check them out on Yelp or at their website.

NOLO in New Haven


I’ve been here already several times since it’s been open the last few months. I really like the spacious parking lot and the large inner space; we’ve had large groups here without feeling crowded and the upper level has a lounge space. We got pizza the first few times but where I think Nolo really shines is its pasta – made from scratch, this is my favorite bucatini cacio e pepe in New Haven. It’s got amazing texture. The pizza is also good, similar to Da Legna, given the owner. I also enjoy the sour Watermelon on the Streets in the Town of New Haven beer. I’ve also heard good things about the burgers. The catch of the day was great the first time but kind of fishy and less fresh the second time, but still okay. ¬†Servers always really nice, though sometimes things are a bit slow. ¬†Overall, a tasty new place in New Haven; it’s a pizza town but try the menu beyond the pizza here. Check them out on Yelp or at their website!

Just opened, Hamilton Park in New Haven, Michelin star chef

We made a reservation because it was the weekend, but we needn’t have because it was pretty empty. Our server was very nice, and the cocktails were good. He forgot one of our sides though, but we didn’t want to say anything. The tuna appetizer was not very good. The entrees were tasty, but I expected better from a chef with a Michelin star. Overall, nice, but not worth the $100 price tag. Check them out on Yelp or at their website.

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