Formento’s in West Loop

We wandered around West Loop one evening looking for somewhere to eat, went in and out of a few restaurants before settling on Formento’s given their good yelp reviews and lack of a wait.

The location and atmosphere was nice, good for a date. We sat at the bar though, and had the most unfriendly bartender I’ve ever encountered. She didn’t do anything outright mean, but was disagreeable and seemed angry about something – maybe she was having a bad night, but despite our extra efforts to be considerate and nice to her, she was very cold and just unpleasant.

Besides that, the food was good – my pasta was a lovely thick bucatini al dente noodles and our salad was great as well.

Good food, unpleasant bartender – not sure we’ll be back. Check them out on Yelp or at their website.

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