Just opened – MingHin in South Loop

We’ve been watching this for the last few months and they finally opened! Best part is dim sum available every day at any time – including my favorite, crepes! Although just opened, didn’t have the usual trouble that new places do – clearly run by a group familiar with restaurant business – good speed and service (though husband ran out of water a few times, but that’s common because he drinks an exorbitant amount with meals). Loved the crepes as mentioned, the duck was also good but wish there was more meat on the skin pieces, though it did come with a duck fried rice dish, I like the buns+hoisin+greens better. Egg tarts were great though they were out of the multicolored ones, that was okay. Green beans a little salty. It was cool you could order on iPads – beautiful big photos. Very reasonable price too, generous portions that gave us several additional meals from leftovers. Overall a nice addition to South Loop that satisfies that dim sum craving.

Check them out on Yelp or at their website!

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