CloverTravels: shave ice at Breakwall in Lahaina, Maui






This is one of my favorite treats when it is hot out. If you’ve never had it before, it’s similar to a snow cone, but much more fine and light, like fresh snow. Be careful when ordering because the actual shave ice turns out a lot larger than what the empty base cup may make it seem. We stopped by this shaved ice shop while in Lahaina admiring the giant banyan tree, and it was decorated with surfing stuff. We watched videos of surfers on giant waves as we ate our giant shave ice. We always get azuki beans and a condensed milk cap, yum. The store also offers real food that sounded interesting (waffle hot dog? Mason jar salad?) and smelled tasty, but we were all stuffed after our shave ice! Check out their official website or Yelp!

Breakwall Shave Ice Co. on Urbanspoon

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