Autumn traditions: Dexter Cider Mill


A sea of apples

Summer’s fading fast, and it truly feels like fall. Each year since I’ve been in Ann Arbor, I’ve taken a trip to the Dexter Cider Mill sometime in September or October. People travel here in all sorts of methods – driving, biking, or even canoeing.  Time has really sped up these last few years, with a year passing before I even realize it.  When I try to think back of the last time I went apple-picking with friends, I’m always shocked by the realization that it was a whole year ago.  I appreciate these yearly traditions more, now that we are all getting so busy and have to actively make plans.  So without further ado, I present a local favorite, the Dexter Cider Mill.






Reportedly the oldest continuously operating cider mill in Michigan, the Dexter Cider Mill hasn’t changed much over the years. They still only take cash/check, although in recent years they have set up an ATM. Working out of what seems most similar to a farm and garage, with a little bucket on a pulley that transports goodies from the upstairs to the downstairs, the Cider Mill is very rustic. They have much more than just donuts and cider, with all different sorts of honey and cheese.


The bucket/pulley that connects the upstairs and downstairs.


A glimpse behind the scenes.

DexterCiderMill-4 DexterCiderMill-5 DexterCiderMill-6 DexterCiderMill-8The donuts are always warm and perfect, with just enough cinnamon sugar goodness.  The cider is sweet and refreshing, and tastes even better when heated up on a brisk day.  I love all the vintage objects scattered throughout the store – everything from old apple peelers on the wall to the still-in-use 100-year-old equipment.  The line goes out the door, but it moves quickly!DexterCiderMill-9 DexterCiderMill-10 DexterCiderMill-11 DexterCiderMill-12 DexterCiderMill-15 DexterCiderMill-16 DexterCiderMill-17 DexterCiderMill-18 DexterCiderMill-25 DexterCiderMill-29

It’s really nice to walk down behind the building to picnic tables set up by the river.  However, watch out for bees, which are always around and are happy for a sip of cider here and there.  A true autumn tradition, I will always make time in my schedule for a trip to the Dexter Cider Mill.  Plus, it lets me stock up on wine from Sandhill Crane Vineyards.

Check them out on Yelp or at their website!
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Enjoy some of these older photos from throughout the years.
DexterCiderMill-1DexterCiderMill-7 DexterCiderMill-6 DexterCiderMill-5DexterCiderMill-3 DexterCiderMill-2

7 thoughts on “Autumn traditions: Dexter Cider Mill

      • I think part of it was that we went on Friday morning because no one would be there. And no one was there…which meant all the bees focused on us. We’d no sooner set down our donuts on the table when no fewer than three bees landed on them. I’ve never been stung there, either, but I’m allergic so I’m paranoid


  1. When I first came to MI people would always rave about donuts and cider. I thought it was disgusting, since the natural pairing is donuts and coffee. Ask any cop.

    Over time I’ve developed a taste for it. Haven’t been to Dexter in years. May have to go now.

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