CloverEats: Kumo Habachi in New Haven

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We hiked to the top of East Rock Park and were in the mood for something hearty and so decided to check out Kumo Hibachi. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to sit at the hibachi table unless we both ordered a meal, so we opted to sit in the regular area and share one order of hibachi. It started off with a pretty pitiful little salad, although the sauce was a little thicker than other sushi restaurants’ sauces are. We got the filet mignon and chicken with noodles. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the filet, it was much more tender than I would have expected from a hibachi restaurant. The chicken was a little overcooked, and overall the dish was high on the salt and low on other flavors, but it was large amount of food for the $24, even if we didn’t get the hibachi experience. I’ve been to two other hibachi restaurants and found the experience pretty similar, with the usual egg-flipping and onion-steam-choo-choo-train tricks. It’s fun for a group, however, and certainly depends on the chef who is cooking, so I can’t really speak to the hibachi experience here. We also got a Sunflower Roll, which is incredibly expensive at $17 for so simple a roll, but luckily Kumo offers a 50% discount, making it a much more reasonable price. As we paid, however, we noticed that we were charged the full $17, but they quickly apologized and corrected this when we pointed it out. Yelp reviews frequently mention service as a weakness, but I thought the waiters weren’t bad overall, although Fred did go through both our cups of water and had to ask for a refill, which doesn’t happen at most restaurants. Check them out on Yelp or at their website!
Kumo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Filet mignon and chicken hibachi

Filet mignon and chicken hibachi


Sunflower Roll - salmon, asparagus, fried, spicy miso sauce

Sunflower Roll – salmon, asparagus, fried, spicy miso sauce

Kumo-8 Kumo-9

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