CloverEats: BCD Tofu House in NYC: Ktown




There was already a 45-minute long wait for a table for five when we arrived in K-town. Luckily, there were plenty of adorable Korean beauty shops around on the same block for us to check out while waiting for our name to be called. It was packed, granted, it was a Saturday night, but there were plenty of other restaurants around that didn’t have as massive a wait. The restaurant also broadcast clips from food shows featuring it, and watching the tofu being made only made us hungrier.


Everyone gets a little fish to eat! I’m not one for fish and so passed this off to my friend, but she said it was fantastic. The banchan are also quite interesting – you’ve got the traditional kimchi dishes, and also an interesting macaroni and raisin pasta salad? They were quite good about refilling our dishes, which is something that a lot of restaurants aren’t so quick on.


BCDTofuHouse-7We got this great drink, just labelled ‘Korean Rice Wine’ on the menu – it was creamy and sweet and surprisingly carbonated. It had a pretty low alcohol content around 6%, but was a nice refreshing drink to cut the hot meal with.



Most of us chose to get some variety of tofu soup, given we were at the Tofu House restaurant. The soondofu comes out so hot the soup is still boiling, and you are provided a raw egg to crack into your soup! This was delicious – the broth was complex and hearty, and the tofu itself had great texture. I’m not a huge tofu person, but this had me feeling warm and nostalgic.




There are so many choices I can’t even imagine how great it is to have so many options!
Check them out on Yelp or at their website!
BCD Tofu House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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