Snapshot: CloverSnacks on “More Cupcakes”!

Olivia, Rohan and I were downtown Chicago for a restaurant opening, when we decided to hit up MORE CUPCAKES!  I believe Kathy Huang was the first person I got More with, and have been way hooked since then!

More is super delicious and has a wide variety of exotic flavors.  Their cupcakes are always super moist and super flavorful!

We went on a Friday, and so it was Happy Hour!  Free cocktail-flavored cupcakes!  The store is tiny but superchic.

This cupcake has edible gold on it?!

It was delicious.  I got Red Velvet, White Russian, Chocolate Toffee, and the daring Bleu Cheese savory cupcake!

The cupcakes are a bit (or lot) on the pricey side, but they are so creamy and delicious!

After eating, I still wanted more!

Official website; YELP!

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