CloverSnacks! on creamy cupcakes at Evanston’s “Tiny Dog”!

There is something so delicious and hip about fancy cupcakes.  Ever since visiting More Cupcakes in Chicago, I’ve become hooked on Red Velvet.  (Thanks to Kevin Li for tagging me on More’s Facebook page, thus earning me and Martin two free cupcakes!)  There’s also a Flirty Cupcakes van that drives around Evanston, which brings delight everywhere it goes.  It’s the new Ice Cream Truck; and instead of chirpy music, they use Twitter posts to announce their presence!


The Experience: Tiny Dog is relatively new, and still rather unknown, I think.  It’s brightly decorated, with periwinkle blues and a whimsical green.  Very cute.

Martin buying cupcakes for me.

The Food: Cupcakes are always good!  I like Tiny Dog’s smaller, moister cupcakes much better than Fraiche’s monster cupcakes.  We got Red Velvet, Salty Caramel, and Strawberries and Cream.  There was even a Dillo Cupcake in honor of Dillo Day!  They weren’t particularly amazing, but weren’t terrible either.

The Bill: Our bill came to $10 for three cupcakes, which is a little expensive, but still cheaper than Chicago bakeries like More or Sprinkles.

Overall: Tiny Dog is a cute little cupcake shop, and while is a little far to walk for a sudden craving, remains much appreciated by college students!  Official website; Yelp!

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