CloverEats! Gooey Buns and more at Evanston’s “Le Peep”!

Memorial Day morning was the day after Spring Formal, and I woke up starving!  My first thought was of Dixie Kitchen’s brunch menu, but unfortunately, they were closed for the holiday.  Their next door neighbor, Le Peep, was open though, so we hopped right in.

Quilts and plants.

Bright window seat.

The Experience: Le Peep has a homey feel, with simple furnishings that include an occasional chick statuette.  Their menu definitely has some personality – dishes are named “Wanderer,” “Nomad,” etc.  We came pretty near closing time (2PM), and so things felt a little rushed, but we still enjoyed a full meal.

Orange juice!!!

Butter Pecan coffee!

The Food: I compare every breakfast and brunch place to my gold standard, Walker Brothers.  Le Peep was not bad at all, especially the delicious Gooey Buns, which is an English Muffin with brown sugar, almonds, cinnamon and cream cheese! Ingenious!  The omelette itself felt lacking, especially considering the Dixie Kitchen Jumbalaya Omelette I was craving.  The coffee was Butter Pecan flavored, which was delicious; the coffee didn’t seem very strong though; I’m pretty sure I had several cups before feeling awake.

Blueberry pancakes!

Plus syrup!

The Bill: There’s a nice student discount here, and the meals are decently priced.  I believe our final bill came to $25, which is not too bad.

Gooey Buns!

Colorado omelette.

Overall: Le Peep is a nice Evanston breakfast joint, although it is quite far down south.  I prefer Dixie Kitchen to it, and so almost never go, but it’s not bad at all.  Official website; Yelp.

Le Peep Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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