CloverEats (and loves!) unique appetizers at Evanston’s “The Cellar”

The Experience: The Cellar is the younger, hipper sister restaurant to The Stained Glass, sharing (aptly enough) a wine cellar.  It is dimly lit, well decorated, and easily gets crowded on a warm summer night.  There is a full bar that serves strong drinks, as well as high and low seats (ranging from the bar to a couch).

It's easy to miss, snuggled in with a small window.

The Food: The food comes in appetizer-sized portions, and the chefs employ unique foods such as truffle, escargot, and foie gras.  I am always reminded of “Ratatouille” when I eat here; the different flavors complement each other so well, it’s amazing.  For example, the acorn squash dish has sweet nuts, soft moist squash, and crunchy cubes of beet.  Together, in the mouth, the flavors swirl together to create an amazing amalgamation; I’ve only experienced such harmony at one other Evanston restaurant, Quince.

Sauteed escargot.

Truffle mac and cheese!

French onion soup.

Acorn squash!

Lobster curry!

The Bill: This restaurant is definitely me and Martin’s go-to place for special occasions.  The bill unfortunately can run up to $70 for just the two of us, but for the amazing foods, it’s definitely worth it.  Check it out!

Lemon-Lime dessert.

Selection of gelatos.

Official website; YELP!

The Cellar on Urbanspoon

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