CloverEats: garlicky chicken shawarma at Ann Arbor’s Jerusalem Garden

Upon Johannes’ recommendation, Fred and I stopped by a slightly out-of-the-way Jerusalem Garden for some Mediterranean.  I think a lot of the lunch talks get catering from JG, so it was kind of surreal to see the restaurant where all our delicious meals are made.

Apparently, you can either order out or eat in.  There was a small window with all sorts of interesting desserts, and we were told that the best had already sold out.  Despite feeling slightly disappointed, I think it’s always a good sign when a restaurant’s best pieces get gobbled up before the day is through.

Mango nectar!

There is something amazing about garlic.  It’s just a bit spicy, but so so flavorful.  I think the garlic at Jerusalem Garden is just right – creamy in the sandwich, strong, but not overpowering.  Amazing and delicious!!

Chicken Shawarma plate with Baba Ghanou and Cucumber Yogurt sides!

It's a wrap!

Of course, we topped off the meal with Baklava.  What a great meal!

Sweet honey filo goodness.

Check it out on YELP; Official website!

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