CloverDrinks: Happy Hour at Sava’s

On weekdays from 3-6PM, Sava’s has Happy Hour, where all cocktails are half priced.  Fred and I have gotten into the (perhaps not so good) habit of exploring cocktails on cozy afternoons.

Brandy Alexander: Godiva, nutmeg, cream, and brandy!

Suddenly, Last Summer: apple, egg white, coconut, clove sugar!

Sava’s has quite a wide variety of drinks, broken down into The Novice, The Purist, and The Progressive.  Fred and I are working our way through the list, bit by bit.  Today, we got the adorably named “Suddenly, Last Summer,” and the classic, creamy “Brandy Alexander.”  Both were delicious, and the Brandy Alexander was even on special, coming to an unbelievable $3!  We also got some snacks to go along with our drinks, and they were both delicious.  The ravioli was so smooth and flavorful!

Herbed polenta fries!

Amazing butternut squash ravioli!

Check out their drink menu!

Sava's Cafe on Urbanspoon

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