CloverShops: Ann Arbor’s :babo: a market by sava!

Fred and I were on the way to Kerrytown when we passed by Babo, now open!  We’ve always loved Sava’s (see here, here, and here), and so of course we stopped in to check out downtown Ann Arbor’s newest addition at the Sterling 411 Lofts.

Upon first glance, Babo is welcoming in a rustic way, with everything from a Christmas tree to the Spice Box, a collection of small drawers featured alphabetized spice pouches.  There’s so much texture in the decorations – one wall holds clippings from books, wooden crates display bread, and evergreen streamers hang from the ceilings.  I was really glad I brought my DSLR!

The merchandise itself was also colorful, with small, unusual items like blueberry cheese drizzle, drinkable yogurt, and tons of other eclectic finds; it almost had the feel of an indoors farmer’s market.  Though technically a shop, Babo also offers a variety of deli-like offerings, which looked so delicious that we had to try some!

Fred and I got some of everything: salmon en croute, polenta cakes, eggplant parmesan, salad caprese, and a pomegranate-molasses butter cake!  For less than $10 each, we left satiated and excited for future visits.  I don’t think there’s an official website yet, but in the meantime, you can check out Babo on Facebook!

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3 thoughts on “CloverShops: Ann Arbor’s :babo: a market by sava!

  1. Today was the first time that I have had the joy of eating at babo. I am a young professional African American male who works in the information and Technology field In Downtown Ann Arbor. My wife suggested that we give babo a try and i must say I have never had a better experience in my life. The staff was so friendly and hospitable that I felt like family. I met the owner but this attitude was portrayed by every staff member. They were so nice and friendly it is the first time I have walked in a store and Ann Arbor and not felt uncomfortable about might ethnicity. To the staff it didn’t matter no weird stares or bad treatment they allowed us to sample food and helped my wife and I to pick the best meal for us. I will definitely be returning and I will sing their praises to who ever will listen. This ranks as the best customer experience I have ever had what a joy. Thank you so much babo staff


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