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Recently, I watched the film, “Jiro Dreams of Sushi,” and found the sheer passion surrounding food to be overwhelming. I’ve written about the film on my movie review blog, but it felt out of place to talk there about how the film affected me on a more personal level.  I highly recommend the film if you haven’t seen it yet!   In addition to sharing a unique story, it has such excellent visuals – the cinematography really brings the sushi to life.  It inspired me and reminded me of how much joy I find in sharing my restaurants experiences with others through photography.  If you’ve seen some of my older posts, you’ll notice that I used to be a lot more rigorous, breaking down experiences into categories – I used to take notes and just use my iPhone for pictures.  Over time, I found that writing these detailed critiques grew tiring, and that I got more pleasure from photography.   Some of my favorite food photography blogs are 101 Cookbooks, Bunny and Pork Belly, and Smitten Kitchen.

That all being said, Bell’s Diner is one of my favorite Korean places in Ann Arbor.  It’s in a very humble location, and the inside kind of feels like someone’s kitchen at home.   It’s not fancy by any means, but the service is always nice and speedy.  The kimchi here is absolutely amazing, with crisp cucumbers and just the right amount of heat.  Their bibimbop is delicious, and you can get it with brown rice.  Their gochujang has the perfect ratio of spicy to sweet.  They also have a wide variety of typical diner fare, which I can’t speak for, as I haven’t really forayed into that realm, given the excellence of their bibimbop.  I have tried their waffles before, and love the thick whipped cream that they use.  It’s a bit of a drive to get to Bell’s, and sometimes it’s really busy on weekends, but the food is good and the price can’t be beat.  Check them out on Yelp!

Bell's Diner on Urbanspoon

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