CloverEats: design-your-own rolls at Tamaki in Ann Arbor










I love the concept of Tamaki – while most sushi restaurants are accommodating of personalized rolls, there’s nothing quite like looking over the options and watching them get added to your roll.  It’s like the Subway of sushi!  They also make rice bowls and pho, which I can never turn down.  Although this restaurant has been open for several months now, it still felt like a brand new restaurant – our roll maker forgot about our pho order, and the restaurant was out of several pretty standard supplies like miso soup.  Our customized roll was huge and delicious; the Cheeseburger roll (Tempura Roll with Ribeye Steak, Pickle, Cheese,Tomato & Red Onion) was less impressive.  The pho was pretty good, with Sriracha and Hoisin readily available at all tables.  We got avocado tempura, which I thought would be delicious because both avocado and tempura are delicious, but was kind of soggy.  They did have an amazing ginger ale brand that I’ve never tried before, with real chunks of ginger in the bottle.  Our meal was also very cheap given the amount of food we got, especially compared to other sushi places.  There were very few people when we arrived, but the line got quite long as we were leaving.  Overall, a great concept with some flaws in execution and inexperienced staff.  Yelp; website.

In other news, I’m very excited about the new Tomukun Korean BBQ restaurant, opening this summer!


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