CloverDrinks: Hot Spiced Buttered Rum at Ann Arbor’s Sava’s

Fred and I stopped by Sava’s after seeing Avenue Q because the sign outside mentioned something about HOT SPICED BUTTERED RUM.

Buttered rum!

The two glasses came with big lumps of butter, spiced sticks, and delicious soul-warming rum.  We’ve since been back maybe three times, in hopes of more buttered rum, but unfortunately to no avail.  The bartender promises its return with colder weather, but so far, we’ve had no luck in getting a second taste of this amazingness.

Burger and sweet potato fries!

We also shared a burger and yummy sweet potato fries while we were there.  Here are some autumn-y photos of candles!


More candles!

Check out Sava’s on YELP or its Official Website!

Sava's Cafe on Urbanspoon

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