CloverEats! sushi at Ann Arbor’s Yamato

Olivia and Matt stopped by Ann Arbor with her little brother and little sister.  After playing with my cat for a bit, we went out to eat!

Yamato is a cute little Japanese restaurant tucked in Kerrytown, near where the farmer’s market goes down.  The sushi was not bad at all, although a little expensive.  We ordered a variety of rolls and sashimi to all share, and happily enjoyed copious amounts of spicy mayo!

We didn’t explore the menu too greatly, but the food we tried was quite good!

I never used to like sashimi, but once I started working at Evanston’s Sashimi Sashimi, I got completely addicted to it.  The chefs used to make me sushi for lunch and dinner, and so it really grew on me.  Yamato was no disappointment, but at the same time, nothing to write home about.  We ended up at Zingerman’s for amazing gelato and dessert; thanks again, Olivia, for the pint of Hazelnut Gelato!

Check out Yamato on YELP; Official Website.

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