CloverEats: sushi and dessert at Arlington Heights’ Wildfish!

Martin and I were in Arlington Heights looking for a movie theatre when we discovered we were quite hungry, and dropped into the nearby Wildlife restaurant.  The decor was hip and modern, with green walls and a wall of liquor.  Please excuse the bad quality of the images, I lost my iPhone 4 and so had to take them with my iPhone 3GS, which has a much worse camera.

The sushi we got was pretty good, and beautifully presented.  I love the unique rolls every restaurant comes up with by themselves.  Wildlife also offered Sake Flights, an array of different sakes, but I was driving and so couldn’t explore this particular aspect.

After dinner, we were pleasantly surprised with the wide range of dessert options offered.  I’ve always said that dessert is my favorite part of a meal, and Wildlife was no disappointment here.Check it out on Yelp; official website.

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