CloverEats: fluffy ricotta pancakes at Chicago’s Stax

Flowers at our table!

We stayed with Shravan over break, and got the chance to check out some more Chicago restaurants!  Stax was bright and warm, and cute flowers greeted us at our table as we ran in from the slushy rain.

Ricotta strawberry pancakes!

I got ricotta strawberry pancakes, and though you couldn’t taste the ricotta, it definitely lent itself to a fluffier texture than normal pancakes.  The preserves were sweet, and the syrup was hot.  Yum.

Chicken sandwich and fries!

Shravan’s chicken sandwich came with a cute side of fries, complete with deep frier container!

Eggs benedict and parmesan potatoes!

Fred’s eggs and potatoes looked good to me, but apparently, they still weren’t as good as Aut Bar’s.

Check them out on Yelp or their official website!

Stax Cafe on Urbanspoon

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