Three Sheets | New Haven

CloverEats-ThreeSheets CloverEats-ThreeSheets-2 CloverEats-ThreeSheets-3 CloverEats-ThreeSheets-4 CloverEats-ThreeSheets-5 CloverEats-ThreeSheets-6 CloverEats-ThreeSheets-7 CloverEats-ThreeSheets-8 CloverEats-ThreeSheets-9

We stopped by this bar in the middle of the day and were surprised to see it quite full from what sounded like frequent visitors. Friendly bartender – even if you’re sitting, you order at the bar. Got a refreshing crisp cider, a butter burger, and an italian sausage burger. It comes with an interesting smoked ketchup. Overall, everything I’d expect from a bar, stop by if that’s your kind of gig.
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