CloverEats: Ann Arbor’s Pacific Rim by Kana

I feel like Pacific Rim is kind of tucked away, off of Main St, down a dimly lit Liberty.  After seeing it pop up on Yelp multiple times, but never actually seeing the restaurant, we finally decided to seek it out.  I immediately loved the atmosphere – the warm lighting, the wooden decorations, the decorated chopsticks.

There’s a very thorough wine menu, but we opted to try one of the many interesting-sounding cocktails.  Pictured above is the Kaffir Lime Lotus with kaffir lime vodka, lychee liquor, and cranberry juice.  I love the crispness of lychee, and wish it showed up more in cocktails!

Orders come with a crisp house salad, with pine nuts and a soy vinaigrette dressing.  Fred got the lemongrass chicken; I really liked the grilled patterning on the vegetables.  I got the amazing big eye tuna dish, which presented essentially as a deconstructed sushi roll: tuna, avocado, and rice triangles, all on a bed of wasabi-miso-ginger sauce.  It was delicious!

For dessert, we split the chocolate-passionfruit mousse.  An usual combination, but I thought the two flavors went together surprisingly well!  The meal was a little expensive, but our waiter was super friendly and the food was amazing; it’s an excellent place for a date.  Check out Pacific Rim on Yelp or their official website!

Pacific Rim By Kana on Urbanspoon

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