CloverEats: truffle pizza at Ann Arbor’s Mani Osteria!

Mani Osteria & Bar.

The week before Fall Ball, Fred took me out on a surprise dinner at Mani Osteria & Bar.  (Can you tell how behind I am in posting?)  We had passed it many times on our way to Main St., never doing more than just glancing into the windows where patrons sat perched on high stools.

Hustle and bustle.

Two large fires burned at one end of the restaurant; the smell of pizza dough and different cheeses and cooking was everywhere.

A bellini to share!

Even though it was dinnertime, we opted for a bubbly bellini.  The ‘bread’ was an interesting, cracker-thin variety, and the water came out in a bottle with a little cap (I think Frita Batido’s has the same ones).  I loved the decorations and this cute setup!

Truffle and egg pizza!


Since there were two pizza ovens burning away, we opted for a Tartufo pizza, with taleggio, truffle, and egg.  It came out smoking hot, propped on an empty can.  There is also a ‘market pizza,’ made with fresh ingredients from the farmer’s market!  The lasanga we got was also delicious, flavorful and warming.

Three cannoli!

For dessert, we shared three cannoli – pistachio, lemon-ricotta, and chocolate.  I’m glad I brought out my Canon Rebel XTi for this dinner: Mani Osteria had delicious, heart-warming food and a wonderful atmosphere (and of course we ended up going to Fall Ball together!).  Check them out on Yelp or their official website!

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