CloverEats: breakfast at Ann Arbor’s Angelo’s

So busy!

Angelo’s is pretty much right down the street from the med school, so it can get pretty busy at lunchtime.  Luckily, Fred and I were able to snag a booth!

Eggs benedict!

I think Aut Bar has really spoiled us when it comes to eggs benedict.  After their amazing rendition, complete with parmesan potatoes, all other versions taste bland.  Nevertheless, Angelo’s take on the classic was hot and filling.  (My favorite part of this photo is Fred’s zerg shirt.)

Chocolate chip waffles!

My chocolate chip waffles came out quickly, and were topped with fluffy whipped cream.  Once again, I’ve been spoiled by Walker Brothers, but these certainly were tasty!

I think Angelo’s location is what it’s got going best for it.  They also have fast service.  Check them out on Yelp or their official website!

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