CloverEats: hash and pancakes at Ann Arbor’s Angelo’s!

Angelo’s on Catherine St. always has a big line outside of it.  There’s usually at least a twenty minute wait, if we’re lucky, but the hostess always keeps things moving, so it’s never too bad.  Furthermore, I managed to stay entertained playing with my new lens, and once we got in, we got a table with its very own space heater!

I saw a few people arriving in taxis, which makes me wonder if I’m missing something about Angelo’s.  Sure, it’s homey and the food is pretty tasty, but it just seems a little simple to me.  If it wasn’t just down the street from Fred’s place, I don’t know how often I would come; I don’t think I’d pay for a taxi just for this brunch!

Check out Angelo’s official website, Yelp, and my previous visit here!

Angelo's on Urbanspoon

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