CloverEats! legitimate Chinese food at Evanston’s Phoenix Inn.

Apparently Phoenix Inn used to have a bad reputation.  I’ve heard of people getting food poisoning, the restaurant being shut down, and tons of terrible things about it.  However, having opened again under new management, I decided to give it another shot (it helped that NUAsian, one of Northwestern’s cultural magazines, sent me there on a photo assignment).

Not having been there before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the decor was nice and a big window let in lots of light.

I should really carry my DSLR around more.

Martin and I shared some dishes, which I don’t remember the names of, but were recommended to us by the staff.  They were nothing extraordinary, but we didn’t get food poisoning!

The service was fast (though we were the only people in the restaurant), and the food was filling and cheap.  You can read more in the latest issue of NUAsian.

Yelp! (3/5) Official website!

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