CloverCooks: Korean Barbeque at Chicago’s San Soo Gab San

Tiny parking lot and small sign.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Korean Barbeque, and one of my all-time favorite restaurants for it is the amazing San Soo Gab San, a tiny little spec in north Chicago.  It’s a little difficult to get to from Evanston without a car (one has to take either two buses or a train and a taxi), but somehow I’ve ended up there more times than any other Korean Barbeque location.  This time, I went with Joe and Xuan from lab, for one last delicious meal before leaving Chicago.

So many banchan!

San Soo Gab San offers the most banchan, side dishes, that I’ve ever seen a Korean Barbeque place offer.  There’s a huge wide array of dishes, with everything from potato salad to moo kimchi.  The menu also offers a wide array of non-BBQ foods, including amazing naemyung and sushi.

From raw...

San Soo Gab San uses good, old fashioned charcoal grills that are carried, flaming, to tableside.  The coal crackles and sparks and the meat sizzles.  It is the most delicious way to cook kalbi! cooked!

This is one of the places I will miss most about Chicago!  In the meanwhile, check it out on Yelp!

San Soo Gab San on Urbanspoon

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