CloverTravels: spicy tuna nachos at Cuatro in Kihei, Maui







Everyone on Yelp raves about Cuatro’s spicy tuna nachos, and after our friends went and confirmed that they were, in fact, amazing, we decided we had to try them out for ourselves. The restaurant is small, and reservations are recommended, so we called ahead; I was taken aback at how snappy the man who took our reservations was, but decided to give it a shot anyway. Our actual waiter was much more pleasant, and of course, the nachos were fantastic. My only complaint is that while everything was delicious, it seemed that every dish was saturated with truffle oil, a flavor that quickly becomes overpowering. The menu is made up from the day’s fresh fish, which can be cooked in four different styles, House, Mauiterranean, Roasted Riviera, or Classic. We had four people dining, and so were able to try all four; I liked the Classic style best, although I thought our entrees paled in comparison with our appetizers. Although there’s a wine menu posted online, we were informed that the restaurant is BYOB with a $7 corkage fee; this seemed at odds with the upscale, romantic atmosphere, but there’s a Foodland located conveniently across the parking lot. Our coffee came in a French press, which was a nice touch. Overall, not the best experience, but I do have to give them credit for those amazing spicy tuna nachos!

Check them out on Yelp or at their official website!

Cuatro Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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