CloverEats: Arirang in Ann Arbor

naemyun chop app ases tea


Naengmyun will always be one of my go-to foods.  It’s refreshing, crisp, sweet, and best of all, you’re allowed to add vinegar to it!  There’s nothing better at cleansing the palate after some hot, greasy barbeque.  It’s also great on hot summer days.  While you can get pre-packaged versions at grocery stores, the true dish takes a lot of work to make, and I never have all the toppings on hand.  Plus, I love all the banchan that come with a sit-down meal.  Arirang is a little far from downtown, but sometimes we’ll stop by if we’re shopping at Target. I usually don’t stray from my naengmyun, but friends have reported that their other dishes are quite good as well. Check them out on Yelp!

Arirang on Urbanspoon

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